Mercer County Fair
Dairy Cattle – Division 12

Superintendents – Shanan Weigum, 891-9835


Exhibits must remain until 4 p.m. Sunday, or prize money will be withheld.  

  1. All recognized breeds will be shown, if available.
  2. Class premiums:

1st………… $25

2nd ………. $20

3rd ……….. $15

4th ……….. $10


Classes and Awards in Open Show Females


1201   Junior heifer calf born after March 1, 2015

1202   Intermediate heifer calf born after Nov. 30, 2014 and before March 2, 2015

1203   Senior heifer calf born after Aug. 31, 2014 and before Dec. 1, 2014

1204   Summer yearling heifer (not in milk) born after May 31, 2013 and before

Sept. 1, 2014

1205   Spring yearling heifer (not in milk) born after Feb. 28, 2014 and before

June 1, 2014

1206   Winter yearling born after Nov. 30, 2013 and before March 1, 2014


1207   Fall yearling heifer born after Aug. 31, 2013 and before Dec. 1, 2014

1208   Winter yearling heifer born Sept. 1 2013 and before Feb. 28, 2014

Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Heifer (under 2 years old): First place animals in Lots 1201-1208.

Heifer Champion Overall Breeds Prize Money: $100 champion, $50 reserve champion

1209   Two-year old cow (not in milk)

1210   Dry cow class may be split depending on number of entries

1211   Cow, two years old born after Aug. 31, 2012 and before Sept. 1, 2013

1212   Cow, three years old born after Aug. 31, 2012 and before Sept. 1, 2013

1213   Cow, four years old born after Aug. 31, 2010 and before Sept. 1, 2011

1214   Cow, five years old and over born before Sept. 1, 2009

Champion and Reserve Champion Senior Female: First place animals in

Lots 1209-1213.

Champion and Reserve Champion Female: Entries to consist of the Junior and

Senior Champion females.

Animals to be judged together regardless of breed in Lots 1214-1220.

Supreme Cow Overall Breeds Prize Money – $300 champion, $150 reserve champion


1215   Best udder cow overall breeds.

1216   Produce of dam. Group to consist of two animals, any age, either sex, the produce of one cow. The dam must be named. Animals need not both be owned by one exhibitor. Each exhibitor is limited to one group entry from same dam.

1217   Daughter-dam class. A dam and her daughter, any age. Both animals to be owned by exhibitor.

1218   Best three females. Any age, all to have been bred and at least one to be owned by exhibitor.

1219   Dairy herd to consist of three cows that have freshened. Need not be bred by exhibitor.

1220   Supreme champion female. Grand Champion of each breed.


* For the purposes of these classes, exhibitor and breeder are defined as follows:

Where the herd is registered in the names of different members of a family, residing on one farm, and where herd is one unit, all entries will be considered as a single exhibitor.