2015 Open Class Livestock Results

Beef (47 Entries)
First Place Overall Market Steer, Carson Erickson
Second Place Market Animal, Eva Boremann
Third Place Market Animal, Taylor Filipek
Fourth Place Market Animal, Rhea Liab
Fifth Place, Market Animal, Emily Filipek
Grand Champion Angus Bull, Tucker Erickson
Grand Champion Hereford Bull, Shane Geidd
Grand Champion Simmental Bull, Toby Barron
Grand Champion Commercial Bull, Sydnee Johnson
Grand Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair, Shaye Yeager
Grand Champion Commercial Cow/Calf Pair, Keisha Flemmer
Grand Champion Hereford Cow/Calf Pair, Shane Geidd
Grand Champion Angus Cow/Calf Pair, Tucker Erickson
Grand Champion Angus Heifer, Carson Weigum, Beulah
Reserve Champion Angus Heifer, Luke Josund, Beulah
Grand Champion Hereford Heifer, Shane Geidd, Washburn
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer, Ashly Geidd, Washburn
Grand Champion, Red Angus Heifer, Jaci Heins, Watford City
Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer, Ryeleigh Liab
Grand Champion Saler Heifer, Rachel Johnson, Zap
Grand Champion Simmental Angus Heifer, Tayler Miller, Donnybrook
Reserve Champion Simmental Angus Heifer, Haley Filipek, Wing
Grand Champion Simmental Heifer, Preston Cargo, Watford City
Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer, Jacob Klaudt, Beulah
Grand Champion, Commercial Heifer, Macy Miller, Donnybrook
Reserve Champion, Commercial Heifer, Taylor Filipek, Wing
First Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Jaci Heins
Second Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Tayler Miller
Third Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Preston Cargo
Fourth Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Carson Weigum
Fifth Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Macy Miller
Sixth Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Shane Geidd
Seventh Place Overall Supreme Heifer, Rachel Johnson

Dairy Cattle (20 entries)
Supreme Cow, Doll Dairy, New Salem
Reserve Champion Cow, Bradlee Kraft, Glen Ullin
Grand Champion Senior Female, Doll Dairy, New Salem
Junior Champion, Doll Dairy, New Salem
Reserve Junior Champion, Doll Dairy, New Salem

Dairy Goats (13 entries)
Junior Champion, Kasey Grabow, Hazen
Reserve Junior Champion, Kassidy Kraft, GlenUllin
Senior Champion, Laney Sundsbak, Hazen
Reserve Senior Champion, Corbin Voegele, Glen Ullin
Supreme Doe, Laney Sundsbak, Hazen
Reserve Supreme Doe, Corbin Voegele, Glen Ullin

Meat Goat (18 entries)
Grand Champion Breeding Doe: Holly Scheetz
Reserve Champion Breeding Doe: Heidi Scheetz
Grand Champion Market Goat: Preston Cargo
Reserve Champion Market Goat: Preston Cargo

Sheep (14 entries)
Grand Champion Ewe, Chance Porsborg
Reserve Champion Ewe, Patty Brew
Grand Champion Ram, Chance Porsborg
Reserve Champion Ram, Jack Brew
Grand Champion Market Wether, Shayly Brew
Reserve Champion Market Ewe, Shayly Brew

Swine (35 entries)
Grand Champion Breeding Gilt, A.J. Heinz
Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt, Baylee Bachmeier
Grand Champion Market Gilt, Rylan Bachmeier
Reserve Champion Market Gilt, Sophie Bachmeier
Grand Champion Market Barrow, A.J. Heinz
Reserve Champion Market Barrow, Evan Borneman

Rabbits (35 entries)
Grand Champion Market Rabbit, Kassidy Kraft, Glen Ullin
Reserve Champion Market Rabbit, Kylee Grabow, Hazen
Grand Champion Buck, Levi Weigum, Zap
Reserve Champion Buck, Jessica Voegele
Grand Champion Doe, Riley Doll, New Salem
Reserve Champion Doe, Corbin Voegele, Glen Ullin

2015 Open Class Static Exhibits Results

Clothing and Textiles
Diane Shull, quilt for Austin, Grand
Diane Shull, Christmas pin Wheels, Reserve
Diana Shull, Mod Blocks, Reserve
Joell Neumiller, Quilt, Grand
Diana Shull, Sampler, Grand
Judy Weiger, Easy Pieces, Grand
Diana Shull, Papas birds, Reserve
Spencer Mellmer, metal utility trailer, Grand
Needlecraft and embroidery
Vivian Helm, baby afghan, Grand
Fine Arts
Emma Hotz, horse, Grand
Emma Hotz, ice cream cart, Reserve
Torie Horning, charcoal horse, Grand
Emily Helm, eye charcoal, Reserve
Josiah Kopp, Lake Shasta, Reserve
Joslyn Frey, Brothers, Grand
Christi Ann Schmidt, Bleeding heart, Grand
Sean Gierke, oil water color, Reserve
Josiah Kopp, Fireworks, Grand
Emily Bauer, Sunset on the prairie, Reserve
Food Preservation
Jenny Beckler, Rhubarb Juice, Reserve
Carrie Hafner, Tomato Soup, Reserve
Carrie Hafner, Garden Special, Grand, 1st Ball
Carrie Hafner, Pickled Beets, Reserve
Jenny Beckler, Pickled Relish, Grand, 1st Ball
Bette Jane Boeshans, Crab Apple Jelly, Reserve
Bette Jane Boeshans, Chokecherry Jelly, Grand, 1st Ball
Ruth Sailer, Rhubarb Strawberry Jelly, 2nd Ball
Carrie Hafner, Peppers, Reserve
Laura Benz, Spearmint, Grand
Stacy Welk, Dark red Lillie’s, Grand
Bette Jane Boeshans, Calendulas, Reserve
Betty Jane Boeshans, Centerpiece, Grand
Betty Jane Boeshans, Holiday arrangement, Reserve
Laura Benz, Potted Plant, Reserve
Marcia Jurgens, Yard art mixed, Grand

2015 Tractor Driving Results
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2nd Place –
3rd Place –
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