Mercer County Fair
Baked Goods – Division 27
Overall Superintendents – Stacy Welk, 873-5324 or Rita Skraba, 870-0356


Exhibits must remain until 4 p.m. Sunday, or prize money will be withheld.
No early releases

  1. Place exhibits on a plate and cover with a zipper lock or clear bag with tie.

No plastic wrap covering and no tape please.

  1. No mixes allowed.
  2. All entries will be judged on taste, texture and appearance.
  3. Kuchens, custards and cheesecakes may not be entered prior to Friday morning.
  4. Premiums and ribbons will be offered for only the top three placings in each lot.

1st $5, 2nd $4, 3rd  $3.


Award Announcements

North Dakota Mill & Elevator Award

Dakota Maid flour from the North Dakota Mill & Elevator will be awarded in the Baking Division.

Red Star® Yeast Award

Red Star® Yeast is supplying Red Star® Yeast and coupons available to all culinary participants as they bring food items

to the fair. In addition, Red Star® Yeast will provide a Red Star®

flexible cutting board, a Red Star® apron and a Red Star®

measuring beaker for us to use as awards in the bread baking category.



Yeast Breads – 1 standard loaf


2700   Automatic bread maker, white

2701   Automatic bread maker, specialty

2702   Cinnamon swirl

2703   White

2704   Whole wheat

2705   Other yeast bread loaves

Dinner Rolls – four


2708   Dark dinner rolls

2709   Fancy white dinner rolls

2710   Hamburger buns, white

2711   Hamburger bun, wheat

Sweet Rolls – four


2712   Caramel rolls

2713   Cinnamon rolls

Doughnuts – four


2715   Cake doughnuts

2716   Raised doughnuts

Quick Breads – 1 loaf  (small or standard size loaf )


2720   Banana bread

2721   Gingerbread

2722   Muffins (4)

2723   Zucchini bread

2724   Other


Cakes (8” or 9” round or square) unfrosted, from scratch


2730   Angel food

2731   Bundt

2732   Carrot cake

2733   Cheesecake

2734   Chiffon

2735   Chocolate cupcakes (four)

2736   Jelly roll

2737   Spice cupcakes (four)

2738   White cupcakes (four)

2739   Other


Cake with Mix  (Cake using mix as a base ingredient; must provide recipe.)


2740   Chocolate

2741   White

2742   Other


Decorating  (Decorations only to be judged; dummy cakes may be used.)


2745   Birthday cake

2746   Cookies (6)

2747   Cupcakes (6)

2748   Other occasion cake


Professional Decorating

2750   Cakes

2751   Cookies

2752   Cupcakes

2753   Other occasion


WILTON ENTERPRISES will award to the Best of Class winner in the decorating class

Lots 2745-2748, a choice of Wilton Video:

Decorating Easy as 1-2-3                     How to Make Icing Flowers

Candy Making Easy as 1-2-3               How to Make Wedding Cakes

Or a set of Wilton books:

Decorating Tips           Dramatic Tier Cakes             The Rose


Professionals not eligible for Best of Class.


Wilton will also award one current Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating to each 1st place winner in all cake decorating Lots 2745-2753. Only one yearbook per individual.


Pies  (do not have to be full size, can be a 4”)


2760   Apple

2761   Blueberry

2762   Cherry

2763   Custard

2764   Juneberry

2765   Kuchen

2766   Lemon

2767   Pecan

2768   Rhubarb

2769   Strawberry

2770   Other


Cookies and Bars  –  4 of each  (bars 2” x 2” square)


2771   Brownies, bars

2772   Chocolate chip cookies, crispy

2773   Chocolate chip cookies, soft

2774   Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

2775   Chocolate drop cookies

2776   Cookie press cookies

2777   Gingersnap cookies

2778   Ginger cookies, soft

2779   No bake bars

2780   No bake cookies

2781   Oatmeal drop cookies

2782   Peanut butter cookies

2783   Pressed cookies

2784   Refrigerator cookies

2785   Sugar cookies

2786   Other bars

2787   Other cookies


Candy  (4 – 1” x 1” square)


2790   Caramel

2791   Divinity

2792   Fudge

2793   Mints

2794   Other


Cream Puff  (3)


2795   Cream puffs (empty)


Other Foods

Pasta  (1 cup or 6 long noodles)


2796   Noodles


Ethnic Foods


2797   Any ethnic food


Animal Treats


2798   Any animal treats