Food Preservation

Mercer County Fair
Food Preservation – Division 26

Overall Superintendents – Stacy Welk, 873-5324 or Rita Skraba, 870-0356

 No early releases.

  1. Use only standard quart and pint jars or jelly glasses with lids and rings.

No paraffin wax.

  1. Goods must be labeled with the type of processing and processing time: pressure canner or water-bath. USDA food preservation guidelines MUST be followed. These standards are available from the Extension office, 873-5195.
  2. Refer to the General Rules for Open Home Economics Exhibits.
  3. Premiums and ribbons will be offered: 1st $5, 2nd $4, 3rd $3.
  4. Include methods used.
  5. Each exhibitor may win only one special premium award sponsored by Ball.


Award Announcement


presented by:

BALL®  & KERR®  Fresh Preserving PRODUCTS

Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball® and Kerr®  Fresh Preserving Products, is proud to recognize today’s fresh preserving (canning) enthusiasts, so First and

Second Place Awards will be given to those individuals judged as the best in designated recipe categories.

A panel of judges will select the two best entries submitted by an adult for Fruit, Vegetable, Pickle, and Soft Spread categories. Entries must be preserved in Ball® or Ball® Collection Elite®  Jars sealed with Ball® Lids and Bands or Ball® Collection Elite® Lids and Bands, or preserved in Kerr®  Jars sealed with Kerr®  Lids and Bands or Ball® Collection Elite®  Lids and Bands. In addition, soft spread entries will be limited to recipes prepared using Ball® Pectin: Original, No Sugar Needed or Liquid.

A proof of purchase for Ball® pectin must be provided at time of entry. Entries designated First Place from each category will receive the following:

  • Two (2) Five-Dollar ($5) Coupons for Ball® or Kerr® Fresh Preserving Products

and one (1) Three-Dollar ($3) Coupon for Ball® Pectin Products.

Entries designated Second Place from each category will receive the following:

  • One (1) Five-Dollar ($5) Coupon for Ball® or Kerr® Fresh Preserving Products and one (1) Three-Dollar ($3) Coupon for Ball® Pectin Products.

Fruits (standard jar)


2601   Apples

2602   Apricots

2603   Cherries

2604   Cocktail

2605   Crabapples

2606   Fruit Juices

2607   Peaches

2608   Pears

2609   Pie Filling

2610   Plums

2611   Rhubarb

2612   Other kinds


Vegetables (standard jar)


2620 Barbecue sauce
2621 Beans (green)
2622 Beans (yellow)
2623 Beets
2624 Carrots
2625 Corn (whole kernel)
2626 Corn (cream-style)
2627 Mixed vegetables
2628 Miscellaneous tomatoes

2629 Peas
2630 Potatoes
2631 Salsa
2632 Sauerkraut
2633 Soups
2634 Tomatoes
2635 Vegetable juices
2636 Other kinds


Pickles (standard jar)


2640   Beets

2641   Bread and butter

2642   Corn relish

2643   Crabapples (spiced)

2644   Cucumbers (dill)

2645   Cucumbers (sweet)

2646   Cucumbers (hamburger)

2647   Pickled vegetable

2648   Pickled watermelon

2649   Relish

2650   Other kinds

Jams (standard jar)


2660   Pear

2661   Peach

2662   Raspberry

2663   Rhubarb

2664   Strawberry

2665   Strawberry combination

2666   Other than mentioned


Jelly (standard jar)


2670   Apple

2671   Buffalo berry

2672   Chokecherry

2673   Grape

2674   Honey

2675   Jalapeno

2676   Nanking cherry

2677   Syrup

2678   Wild plum

2679   Other kind


Meats (standard jar)


2685   Beef

2686   Chicken

2687   Fish

2688   Pork

2689   Sausage

2690   Miscellaneous




2691   Fruit

2692   Meat/jerky

2693   Vegetables

2694   Miscellaneous


Freezer Items


2695   Jelly

2696   Miscellaneous