West River Judging Contest

Mercer County 4-H and Beulah FFA will be hosting an agronomy/crops, livestock,
hippology, and ag sales contest Saturday, February 28, 2015. Contest registration
will begin at 8 a.m. CT at Beulah High School. Registration fee for each contestant
is $8 and includes lunch. There will be an $8 charge for coaches and spectators that
will be eating at the contest. Make checks payable to Mercer County 4-H Council.

The judging of livestock will take place at the fairgrounds. Some classes will be in
unheated buildings and possibly outside, so please dress accordingly. Reasons will
be given at Beulah High School. Lunch will be provided for ag sales, agronomy/crops
and hippology participants following their contests and for livestock participants
following placing of the classes.

To help us plan for each of the contests please register your team by submitting the
online form http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/mercercountyextension/west-river-registration by
February 26.  You may want to print a copy to bring along to registration. If you
are unable to submit by email, print the form and fax it to the Extension office at

If you have questions regarding the livestock contests contact Craig at 873-5195;
FFA questions contact Tim Aichele, 873-2261 ext. 1403 or Duane Schmidt,  873-2261
ext. 1401; or hippology questions call Mary Ann Klein, 870-3694. Contact phone
numbers the day of contest:  Dena Kemmet, 880-1405 or Tim Aichele, 870-2060. In the
event of a storm, listen to KFYR, KDKT, and KXMB radio for announcements.

SCHEDULE (all times are central time)

8 a.m.  Registration for ALL contestants at the Beulah High School Mezzanine

9 a.m.  Livestock contest begins at the Mercer County Fairgrounds

9 a.m.  FFA Ag Sales contest begins at Zion Lutheran Church

9 a.m.  Hippology contest begins at the Beulah Elementary School

9:15 a.m.  Agronomy/crops contest begins at the Beulah High School

10:30 a.m. Lunch for livestock judging contestants at the high school cafeteria,
reasons to follow at the high school

11:30 a.m. Lunch for all other judging contestants at the high school cafeteria

1:30 p.m.  Awards presentation begins at the high school gym

Contest Rules will follow the same as the state contest unless otherwise indicated.

Senior Division  4-H crops, livestock, hippology - 4-H members who were age 13* to
18 on September 1.

Junior Division 4-H crops, livestock, hippology - 4-H members who were age 8 to 13*
on September 1.

Note: *13 year old members may judge in either division.

FFA ag sales - no separation of age division

FFA agronomy - junior and senior divisions (junior is 9th grade or lower)

FFA livestock - no separation of age division

Livestock/agronomy/crops contests - FIVE individuals will be the maximum number per
team. A county or chapter may have more than one team. The top three scores from
each team will be used for the team score. Counties may combine if they are an
actual team (i.e. workout as a team then register as a team.) We will not be
combining counties just to make a team score.

Ag Sales contest - FOUR  individuals make up a team. There is no separation of age.

Hippology contest - FOUR individuals will be the maximum number per team.