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Section 1 – The Mercer County Fair Management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations, to arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, connect with, or incident to the fair.

Section 2 – The Board reserves the right to formulate and announce new rules to meet emergencies that may arise later and during the fair, and to adjudicate all matters arising from the fair after it is held.

Section 3 – The board reserves the right to direct and regulate the parking of all automobiles or other vehicles or conveyances within the Fairgrounds and to direct where they shall be driven therein. IT MAY PROHIBIT THE RUNNING OF AUTOMOBILES IN ANY SECTION OF THE GROUNDS WHENEVER IN ITS OPINION COMMON SAFETY DEMANDS IT. ALL LIVESTOCK TRAILERS PARK OFF THE FAIRGROUNDS.

Section 4 – The Fair management reserves the right to exclude from the fairgrounds any person or persons who it may deem undesirable, or who shall violate any of the rules laid down by the management, or who shall otherwise become offensive.

Section 5 – Every animal and article upon the grounds shall be under the control of Fair Commission, but while every precaution will be taken for the safekeeping of the same, neither the Fair Commission, its officers, or agents will be responsible in any case for any loss damage or accident which may occur.

Section 6 – The Board will carefully guard against extortion in any form practiced on patrons of the Fair. A violation of this rule will cause forfeiture of contract and money paid and involve expulsion from the grounds as the management may direct. Any fair patron purchasing from the exhibitor does so at his own risk.

Section 7 – No claim for injury to any person or property shall ever be asserted or suit instituted or maintained against Mercer County Fair, its officers, or their agents or on behalf of any person, firm or corporation or their agents, representatives, servants or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on the fairgrounds or occupying space.

Section 8 – Any mistreatment or extortion practiced by any employee of the fair concessionaire shall be reported to the management immediately by the fair visitors and patrons.

Section 9 – The management reserves the right to prescribe the dimensions and regulate the position of all signs, and generally to direct the arrangement of articles on exhibition so far as the same may be necessary to secure harmony and attractive appearance.

Section 10 – Monstrosities or beggars for charity shall not be allowed on the grounds and Superintendent of Admission is instructed to refuse entrance.

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